Work Breakdown Structure Examples

You can get examples of a Work Breakdown Structure in MatchWare MindView, which is a Work Breakdown Structure software application that is based on Mind Mapping. MindView's Top Down view lets you easily visualize WBS during meetings and calculate numbers for cost and the 100% rule. Transfer your work breakdown structure to MS Project with a click of a mouse!

Download Free Work Breakdown Structure Examples in the MindView Trial.

Work Breakdown Structure Examples

Making your own Work Breakdown Structure Examples

MindView allows you to create and save your Work Breakdown Structure examples. You can create folders to organize the WBS examples. By creating examples or templates for the work breakdown structure, it is easier to align procedures during the initial planning stage.

What is a Work Breakdown Structure?

A work breakdown structure defines and group work elements in a project thereby defining the total work scope of a project. The work breakdown structure starts with showing the top deliverables and is further decomposes into sub-deliverables. The WBS provides a framework for cost estimation and scheduling development and control. Learn more: Work Breakdown Stucture software with examples.